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Everything You Need To S'WET

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All of our videos for sale are DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. We no longer carry physical DVDs. If you purchase a video, within 24 hours you will be sent an email with a link to download the movie file to your computer or device. We do, however, require "shipping" details to verify your billing and for our physical products.


Purchase Digital Downloads
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Our S'WET SWAG collection is available for sale via Bonfire.
You will be redirected to their website to purchase merchandise.

Preview Our WATER WERK & AQUA SPORTS CONDITIONING videos with Fitmotivation!

How To Download Your Videos

Downloading digital copies of our videos is easy.

Just purchase the items you want above and within 24-hours you will receive an email with a Dropbox link to your downloadable files. Just click, save and S'WET!

Once you finish adding your purchases to your cart above, click check out and you will be walked through our Three Step Checkout process.
Step 1: Shipping Address. Even though you are downloading your copy, you will be asked for your shipping country and state. 
Step 2: Delivery Options. You will have the option to select Download.
Step 3: Checkout with PayPal or select Credit Card as your option.


Tips & Thank You's!

If you would like to leave a tip or special thanks for Jenni Lynn or Chris LaCour for their services or classes with you, please use the links below.


You can send donations via PayPal or Venmo here:

        On PayPal          On Venmo

We thank you for all the support and feedback you provide!

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