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Aqua Sports Conditioning

Gym class was a traumatizing school experience for many people, but everyone gets a second chance to channel their inner-athlete. Chris LaCour provides just that opportunity in a 30-minute water workout designed to unleash the spirit of champions, featuring patterns and drills from football, soccer, baseball and more. 


The workout includes a warm-up and cool down and includes five segments for five different sports. Each sport segment includes five exercises, each targeting a different sports-specific skill, including agility, strength, conditioning, coordination and rotation. The featured sports include basketball, football, baseball, soccer and track & field. Get ready for blitzes, zig zags, jump shots, suicides, bat swings, soccer kicks, hurdles and more.

Aqua Sports Conditioning

  • Length: 30 min

    Number of Exercises:

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels

    Equipment Used: None


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