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Empower Splash

SHALLOW WATER EMOM WORKOUT. EMOM’s are HIIT-style workouts that are popular in the studio. An acronym for “every minute on the minute,” EMOM workouts challenge you to complete an exercise for a certain number of reps in less than 60 seconds. Join Katy for a powerful 30-minute EMOM in the water. Equipment is optional. 


Workout Structure & Timing: Empower Splash is a quick 30-minute workout that includes a warm-up, cool down and three EMOMs. Each EMOM includes two exercises that are performed for 1-minute and repeated three times.  In order to ensure that everyone gets some recovery time in each minute, Katy set the work time for just 40 seconds as opposed to 60 seconds. For example, she assigns 20 reps of an exercise to be done in 40 seconds. The goal is to finish the reps within 40 seconds, however if you don’t, you still get 20 seconds of recovery time.  If you finish before 40 seconds is up, you get more recovery time. In a class setting, the participants would all be exercising at a different pace. Some will complete the reps, some won’t, but all will get at least 20 seconds of rest because recovery time is crucial in HIIT formatting. It simply isn’t HIIT if you don’t vary the intensity.


Individual Performance: The two exercises in each EMOM are repeated three times, which provides participants an opportunity to beat their last set of reps each time.  Class participants should be encouraged to compete with themselves and not others in the pool. Katy uses EMOM workouts as an assessment tool for her small group and personal training clients. EMOM training can measure improvements in strength and power. As clients become stronger, they complete more reps in a shorter amount of time.


Equipment Optional: The use of hand-held equipment is completely optional in this workout. The water’s resistance is plenty if you do not want to incorporate equipment. If you would like to add extra resistance to the exercises, you can use Aqualogix bells, foam dumbbells or webbed gloves.

Empower Splash

  • Length: 32 min

    Number of Exercises:

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels

    Equipment Used: Aqualogix Bells, Hand Buoys, Webbed Gloves


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