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Water WERK

Get ready to SWET and WERK!  Join Jenni Lynn for 30 minutes of challenging water fitness that includes wall exercises, strength moves and Tabata rounds.


Water Werk includes a warm-up, a cool down and four exercise segments. Those segments include wall exercises, strength & power and two Tabata rounds. Jenni Lynn wanted to simplify the exercise experience by skipping equipment and providing a fitness challenge with just the water’s resistance.  However, webbed gloves can be used to create extra resistance.




Segment 1: Warm-up: This simple warm-up is designed to get the body acclimated to the cooler pool temperatures and to prepare the joints and major muscle groups for the workout to come.


Segment 2: Wall Work: The intended results for this workout were to improve core and muscular strength, as well as cardio stamina. The wall work used in this video was designed to train the core, while getting the cardio amped up. Wall exercises target core muscles with spinal flexion and extension as the legs tuck in and then extend to make contact with the wall. The core is further challenged with torso rotation when making contact with the wall in some of the exercises. Simply put, the pool wall is one of the best “exercise machines” for core training.


Segment 3: Tabata 1: Following the traditional Tabata routine (20-seconds "on" then 10-seconds "off"), explore these explosive moves.


Segment 4: Wave Power: Cardio & Core are the focus here working on strength training and power moves.


Segment 5: Tabata 2: A second run at the exercises (20-seconds "on" then 10-seconds "off").


Segment 6: Cool Down: Every workout deserves a good stretch.


Water WERK

  • Length: 36:07

    Number of Exercises: 50+

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels

    Equipment Used: Webbed Gloves


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