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High Tide

Targeting cardio, core and strength, High Tide is a 45-minute water workout that combines wall work, HIIT and muscle conditioning. Work the water’s natural resistance or add webbed gloves for maximal fitness results!




Segment 1: Warm-up: This simple warm-up is designed to get the body acclimated to the cooler pool temperatures and to prepare the joints and major muscle groups for the workout to come.


Segment 2: Wall Work: The intended results for this workout were to improve core and muscular strength, as well as cardio stamina. The wall work used in this video was designed to train the core, while getting the cardio amped up. Wall exercises target core muscles with spinal flexion and extension as the legs tuck in and then extend to make contact with the wall. The core is further challenged with torso rotation when making contact with the wall in some of the exercises. Simply put, the pool wall is one of the best “exercise machines” for core training.


Segment 3: S'WET HIIT: The S’WET HIIT segment is designed around impact variations designed to create high and low tides of interval training with grounded, bounded, neutral and suspended movement. The 10 exercises are repeated three times with descending duration – 30 seconds, 15 seconds and 10 seconds. The action gets downright turbulent as transitions are made every 10 seconds.


Segment 4: Liquid Endurance: This segment is all about big moves that demand strength and power. The 18 exercises are divided into six combinations of three moves. Each combination features a grounded move, then a bounded move and finally a powered exercise that acts as the finisher for the combination. Equipment is not needed as the water’s resistance is plenty, however webbed gloves * would maximize toning and intensity. 


* A Note About Webbed Gloves: Webbed gloves can be used in the S’WET HIIT and Liquid Endurance segments, however they are not recommended for the Wall Work segment as they can hinder gripping.


Segment 5: Cool Down: Every workout deserves a good stretch.



High Tide

  • Length: 43:44

    Number of Exercises: 50+

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels

    Equipment Used: Webbed Gloves


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