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Dual Depth Cardio Core Circuit

Get out your pool noodle, choose your depth and prepare to burn calories and strengthen your midsection in Cardio Core Circuit. This 45-minute pool workout, featuring Katy Coffey, rotates between blocks of cardio movements and core exercises and can be performed in either deep or shallow water.


Cardio Segments: The cardio segments in this workout are simple to teach and easy to follow because they only include two moves which are repeated three times. The moves can be taught for whatever length of time suits your population and workout goals. In this workout, the cardio moves are taught for 30 seconds each, with rest periods offered between each set. According to Katy, the focus in this pool workout is more on steady-state training and endurance and less on HIIT.  “We still build adequate rest periods within the structure, but the moves are not really intended to max out your cardio threshold.”


Core Segments: The core segments feature four moves that are repeated twice. Within each core circuit there is a "repeater" move that is intended to amp the challenge during the core training. “The other two moves, though still challenging in nature, serve as a slight recovery within the core sets,” says Katy. At the end of each circuit, get ready for a “Katy Killer Cardio Minute” that is designed to provide recovery from core work, while working hard to achieve the cardio goal. 


Flotation Belt & Noodle: The core segments can be performed without a noodle in the deep end, since the flotation belt that is required in deep water will provide the necessary buoyant support. However, you will probably want to use the noodle in the planking moves, such as the mountain climber, as these moves are better supported with the noodle under your shoulders. The noodle is required in shallow water for all core exercises in lieu of not having the additional buoyant support of a flotation belt. 

Dual Depth Cardio Core Circuit

  • Length: 47:31 min

    Number of Exercises:

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels

    Equipment Used: Hand Buoys, Noodle


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