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AquaFIIT presents I Need a Sub!

DUAL DEPTH – STRENGTH, HIIT & CORE. Discover S'WET™ Master Trainer Katy Coffey’s go-to routine whenever she subs an aquatic fitness class. Designed with aquatic fitness base moves and their variations, along with the use of noodles and foam dumbbells, this simple but challenging aquafit class format can be adapted to meet the needs of any fitness level. Best of all, you can do this routine in both deep and shallow water!


It goes without saying that subbing other instructors’ aquatic fitness classes is always a struggle. Often you have no idea what the participants’ ability level is, what their instructor normally does, what the pool depth is like and what kind of equipment is available at the facility. The inspiration behind AquaFIIT: I Need a Sub, was Katy’s experiences over the years subbing classes. This routine has been tweaked over the years and is now her go-to subbing routine that works every time.


Routine-at-a-Glance: Focusing on HIIT, strength and core training, this class format includes a warm-up, cool down and 7 working segments. Three of the working segments feature Strength Training, one with hand buoys, one with noodles and one using water’s drag resistance. Three additional segments include HIIT rounds with a hard, harder, hardest theme. These three HIIT segments were intended to be filmed as ONE segment but we had some light rain that kept forcing camera shut-downs and restarts. The last working segment features a Core Burnout with a noodle. 


What makes this subbing routine successful? Multi-level fitness programming is designed to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. Katy comes prepared in this routine to offer progressions and regressions of each move. The moves are kept simple, with the assumption that the participants will OWN the intensity and the effort that they put into it. This is hugely important in group fitness classes. Instructors should encourage participants to avoid playing “monkey see- monkey do” by attempting to mimic everything the instructor does. Less advanced class members need to use common sense and modify moves that are too difficult or uncomfortable for them. More advanced students should take it upon themselves to intensify the moves if they want to work harder. Equally important is precise cueing so that the students perform the exercises with good alignment, core stability and a full range of motion.

AquaFIIT presents I Need a Sub!

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • Length: 44 min

    Number of Exercises: This class format includes a Warm-up, Cool Down and 7 working segments including 3 Strength Training (with and without equipment), 3 HIIT rounds and 1 Core Burnout block.

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels

    Equipment Used: Hand Buoys, Noodle, Webbed Gloves and more!


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