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Xtreme Aqua 3

Chris LaCour has been challenging this stigma of aquatic fitness (that you can't get a good workout in the water) with his Xtreme Aqua workout videos. He’s back with Xtreme Aqua 3, a workout that features athletic exercises divided into three segments, HIIT, Wall & Strength.




Segment 1: Warm-up: Chris starts the workout with some high energy sprints to get the body warmed up. Manhattan lap pools tend to be chilly and so he usually offers a more vigorous and extended warm-up.


Segment 2: HIIT: The cardio action kicks into high gear with some high intensity interval training (HIIT). Three exercises are performed in two circuits.


Segment 3: Wicked Wall: Known for their creative use of the pool wall, both Jenni Lynn and Chris keep finding new ways to athletically challenge their students with wall work.


Segment 4: Strength: Who needs equipment when you have water? Chris effectively demonstrates that the water’s resistance IS equipment with some powerful exercise that challenge the heart, the core and the lower body with big moves that are mostly low-impact. Webbed gloves can be added for extra challenge.


Segment 5: Cool Down: Chris uses rhythmic movement to reduce the heart rate, stretch muscles and restore the body to pre-exercise conditions.


Xtreme Aqua 3

  • Length: 30 min

    Number of Exercises: 50+

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels

    Equipment Used: Webbed Gloves


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