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Deep Water Boot Camp

A good bootcamp aqua fitness class should have clear goals. Deep Water Bootcamp with Katy Coffey is a 45-minute class format that was designed to improve cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance. Doing so makes your class members stronger and provides them with more stamina.


Strength and endurance gains are achieved in this workout by isolating muscle groups with a cardio and strength approach. A longer duration exercise is first performed to pre-exhaust a specific muscle group. This is then followed by shorter duration exercises intended to bring the muscle to fatigue. A muscle cannot grow unless the muscle fibers are fatigued and brought to failure. 


This pool workout can be performed with or without drag equipment.


If using equipment, please select drag equipment. Drag equipment includes webbed gloves or Aqualogix Bells for upper body and Aqualogix Ankle Fins for lower body. Drag equipment has the same muscle action outcomes as using no equipment.


Drag equipment simply increases surface area and thus increases the water’s resistance. Buoyant equipment such as foam dumbbells and noodles are not a suitable substitute as they change the muscle actions and intended outcomes.

Deep Water Boot Camp

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