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Dual Strength & Cardio

Unilateral training is an effective fitness strategy for improving muscle balance and overall strength. Join Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour for a 50-minute aquatic fitness workout that emphasizes single-side training with and without a foam dumbbell. This cardio strength workout can be performed in both deep and shallow water. 


WORKOUT-AT-A-GLANCE: Warm-up, Cool down and 5 working segments. 

Segment 1:  Cardio Ladder

  • Designed to expand the cardiorespiratory warm-up, this segment kicks the cardio up a notch. The movements in this segment also have an emphasis on core stabilization.


Segment 2: Unilateral Base Moves

  • This segment introduces a series of unilateral or one-sided moves that challenge the body with cardio and core activation. 


Segment 3:  Dynamic Plank Ladder

  • Featuring movement that is performed in a forward or rear plank, this segment provides a lower body and core challenge.  


Segment 4:  Unilateral Buoy Moves

  • Showcasing a single foam dumbbell, this segment takes many of the moves shown in segment two but introduces the challenge of buoyant resistance for even greater muscle imbalance correction and core stability.


Segment 5:  Buoy Combo Moves

  • The foam dumbbell single-sided moves progress in this segment with some challenging buoy combinations.


Dual Strength & Cardio



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