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BUNDLE: Noodle Core & More and Noodle RX

By popular demand we're offering BOTH of our noodle-focused workouts bundled together!




Join Jenni Lynn for a 50-minute aquatic fitness class formatted to challenge you and your student's core strength, muscle endurance, balance and more. Using a regular noodle (avoid high density), this format will take you through a series of exercises that include hand-held resistance (tied and untied), under the feet (leg work) and seated and behind the back for some fun and challenging core work. This video includes a warm-up, cool down, plus these five exercise segments:

Segment 1:  Core & Toning

In the first block of this segment, seven exercises are performed holding the noodle in an arched position. The same seven exercises are then performed holding the noodle horizontally on the surface. Intensity options are provided for both arched and horizontal exercises. The seven exercises are performed one last time in the “challenge” round in which class participants gets to choose between arched or horizontal. 

Segment 2:  Dynamic Leg Press

This segment is all about the legs. Exercises are executed by placing one foot or both feet on the noodle and performing pressing movements and variations. 

Segment 3:  Bring it Back

Get ready for more leg exercises and some challenging core work in this segment. The exercises include both seated and behind-the-back noodle positions.

Segment 4:  Forearm Plank Series

This segment includes some creative planking exercises.

Segment 5:  All Tied Up

The noodle is tied into a knot and used for upper body resistance training in this segment. 





This 40-minute low-impact shallow-water workout accommodates students of various heights and fitness levels with class content that includes grounded movement and creative challenges using a noodle.


Segment 1: Warm-Up - Features some impact and then transitions into lower body series of grounded/anchored moves. Note: The noodle is not utilized in this segment.


Segment 2: Upper Body - The noodle is used in various positions to perform buoyant resisted exercises that target the upper extremities.


Segment 3: Focus on Core - targets the core with a variety of noodle positions and exercises.


Segment 4: Cool Down - features a final stretch using the noodle.


NOODLE SIZE & QUALITY: Similar to foam dumbbells, it is important to choose a noodle that is not overly dense so exercises can be performed with good form. The larger the diameter of the noodle, the more the density. Avoid using the large diameter, dense noodles in this class format.


Medium-sized noodles purchased at a Dollar or grocery store typically have a hole in the center, which makes them less sturdy. For fitness activities, consider investing in solid-core noodles, such as the Sprint Noodle that Jenni Lynn used in the video.

BUNDLE: Noodle Core & More and Noodle RX

  • Length: 50 min

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels

    Equipment Used: Noodle


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