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Introducing TURF to SURF!


Learn how to bring land-based exercises safely and effectively into the water​ and what educational steps you should take next to further your career!

Muhammad Ali -- perhaps one of the world's greatest boxers -- was known for his speed, endurance and unorthodox, dance-like fighting style. And as legend has it, what made Ali the ultimate contender was the truly unique way he prepared for his matches outside the ring... the pool!

Whether this story is actually true, we'd like to believe that Ali knew aquatic fitness workouts provide the perfect blend of intense cardio and superior resistance training, allowing you to build up stamina, improve balance and push yourself to work harder, all the while avoiding needless stress and injury to your body and joints!

Perhaps Ali was actually revealing his secret training routine when he famously said, "float like a butterfly." The whole time he was actually talking about the swim stroke!

Those in the know understand that adding water to any workout regiment can be one of the most effective methods for improving strength and body conditioning. And it's easy to do too. Why? Because almost any exercise performed on land can be done with modification in the water -- often times with even better results!

But before you dive in, it's critical to understand the effects of water resistance on your body, how to properly modify certain movements to avoid injuries and how to choose the right pieces of equipment to improve the fitness experience for yourself and your students.

And that's where TURF to SURF comes in...


Attention Land Instructors: Just Add Water!

If you're interested in learning how to take your land instructing skills pool-side, expanding your teaching experience and opening up some additional income paths for your future, our latest workshop series was built for you!

TURF to SURF will help professional land instructors prepare to properly substitute a water-based class by learning how to build a balanced workout using base moves, as well as their modifications to help participants of all levels and abilities.

In this four-hour workshop you'll learn how to design effective Strength and HIIT circuits using common pool equipment to progress or regress workouts, and work together in teams to brainstorm how to build the best class for your water warriors! This course will also give you a road map on what educational steps to take next to continue to grow and elevate your aquatic fitness teaching skills.

Equipment Featured: Hand Buoys, Noodles, Webbed Gloves (optional)

CECs: AEA: 4.0, AFAA: 4.0, ACE: 4.0, NASM: 0.4

Your next chance to participate in a TURF TO SURF workshop is COMING UP: Sept 17th in Beverly, MA!

Registration is now open, and you can learn more about the program and what it entails here.

Take a Look at Our Available Workshops:

Turf to Surf - 4 hours in lecture & pool - CEC’s: AEA:4; AFAA: 4; NASM: 0.4; ACE: 4

Deck Blocks - 2/3 hours in lecture & pool - CEC’s: AEA 3.0 / AFAA 3.0 / NASM .30

Silver Strength - 2/3 hours in lecture & pool - CEC’s: AEA 3.0

Noodle RX - 2/3 hours in lecture & pool - CEC’s: AEA 3.0 / AFAA 3.0 / NASM .30

Wave Warrior - 2/3 hours in lecture & pool - CEC’s: AEA 3.0

S'WET Bootcamp - 2/3 hours in lecture & pool - CEC’s: AEA 3.0 / AFAA 3.0 / NASM .30

S'WET Challenge - 2/3 hours in lecture & pool - CEC’s: AEA 3.0 / AFAA 3.0 / NASM .30

Freestyle Flow - 2/3 hours in lecture & pool - CEC’s: AEA 3.0




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