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Day 300 Without Water

by Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour

So when I wrote my journal entry this morning and wrote the date, time and number of days without water (teaching), I was a bit taken back to see I was when it was #200. Keeping track of how many days it’s been since I last taught my aquatic fitness classes has been a challenging and rewarding habit. One would anticipate an injury or sudden accident to prevent you from physically teaching a class, but being kept away from water due to a global pandemic has been a true practice of patience and gratitude for me.

I have to admit watching friends and colleagues around the world continuing to teach under safe guidelines can be heart wrenching at times, but it’s also gratifying to see everyone continuing to thrive and help their community make waves and stay healthy. I’ll admit I’m SO impressed to see those having to teach with masks on, and even the face shield seems so wild! I’m sure I’ll have these to deal with all that in due time (come on NYC!), but watching everyone now is “preparing” me mentally for what’s to come.

Even though the envy exists, I can say that when I am reunited with my mermaids and mermen, I will have a newfound appreciation for them and my role in their lives. I have always loved my job, but as most, I had lots of little annoyances that I would gripe about. However, now without those experiences, my entire perspective has changed in how I view those little “annoyances.” I cannot wait to see ALL of my students, even the talkers! OH MY!!

Though seeing the #300 day in the journal was difficult because it shows how much time has passed, it can also be reassuring to know I’ll be that much more excited to see everyone and be fully present in every moment of teaching, because I was without water for all those precious days.


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Fides Enriquez
Fides Enriquez
Mar 22, 2021

When I first "discovered" your brand of aquatic fitness through the FitMotivation website, and then later I started following you on social media and your podcast, I was just so totally impressed by your knowledge and practical applications and I wanted to try out your method on myself and on my class. It didn't occur to me that you were not teaching at the time due to the pandemic. I felt like I was taking classes directly from you. You are an inspiration and your podcast motivate me to work harder and push myself more. I hope you'll be able to teach in person real soon. -Fides E, Napa



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