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What is Turf to Surf?

Here's what some of our recent attendees had to say about their experience with our Turf to Surf workshop:

Sit beside any pool during open swim and you will see a bunch of kids laughing, yelling, and bouncing up and down in the water. Join any S'WET™ class, and you will see adults laughing, yelling, and bouncing up and down in the pool! It's instinctual, humans love to move and have fun in water!

Brenda Plakans, S'WET™ Instructor & SQUAD Member

I decided to sign up for a S'WET™ training to add a new skill to my fitness instructor toolkit. I've been teaching yoga for 20 years at the Stateline Community YMCA in Beloit, WI, and thought it would be fun to get out of my comfort zone and try something completely different. Except, water has always been my comfort zone. From the first kiddie swim class to junior high summers (hello baby-oil tanning), to lap swimming for fitness, I've always seen the pool as a place for fun, wellness, and happy relaxation.

As I head into my third decade of teaching group exercise, I'm more interested in offering fitness classes that make people work within their capacity and feel strong, rather than leaving them breathless and groaning. I want to push my students to develop new strength and flexibility but also build life-long habits that are a favorite part of the day and not a dreaded obligation.

It's been really intriguing to work through the Turf to Surf material! I like to think about how to move in the water and exploit its properties while creating a unique fitness experience that is effective, inclusive, and addictive.

I've just started this aqua-journey but am excited to continue to grow and design my classes using the portal materials and S'WET™ team support. I see so many connections between how I teach yoga to how S'WET™ instruction resonates with students and hooks people with its challenging but sustainable activity. I'm only five months into this new adventure -- laughing, yelling, and bouncing -- but I sense this is going to be for the long haul! -- Brenda Plakans, S'WET™ Instructor & SQUAD Member


Tom McGrath, Red Bank, NJ took Turf to Surf

I am a land instructor (21 years in cycling) at the YMCA of Greater Monmouth County. Two months ago I saw some information posted that we would have a S'WET™ training program called "Turf to Surf." Not interested, I said! I am 68 and do not need another thing to do. Then my director asked if I was going. I thought about it and decided to sign up. Great decision!! And an unbelievable great instructor in Jenni Lynn Patterson LaCour.

Turf to Surf is innovative, engaging, top-notch with an easy-to-understand format. What will I do with this experience? Point more members in the direction of aquatics classes, including me!

The videos are top-notch! So clear, and easy to understand. The training process was flawless. By sending the short clips ahead of time I was able to grasp what we would be doing. Then we saw them again in the classroom, followed by training in the water where we applied these skill sets. Mind you, I am a Turf Instructor and had never taken any aquatics classes. Finally, as a group, we created our own plans for a future class. This training is similar to Muscle Memorization. Repeat, repeat, and repeat. Absolutely a great experience!

-- Tom McGrath, Red Bank, NJ


Lyn Lebowitz, S'WET™ Instructor & SQUAD Member

I had to share this with you. I had 2 very full classes this am. Of course I did S'WET™ and more than 10 people commented on my class. My energy, my performance, how I explained everything. It was such a wonderful feeling!

I have over 25 in each one of these classes at this particular club. All my students love the program. Can’t thank you enough again for all your insight.

-- Lyn Lebowitz, S'WET™ Instructor & SQUAD Member

Turf to Surf was designed by Jenni Lynn Patterson LaCour and Katy Coffey




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