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By Katy Coffey

  • Swim Lessons - Check

  • Lifeguard Training - Check

  • Chemicals in Balance - Check

  • Budget & Payroll - Check

  • Subbing for Aqua Aerobics…“You want me to do what now!!!???”

This was my exact reaction, when taking over the reigns for my first year as an Aquatics Director. I had already worked in Aquatics for over 10 years, but now I was in charge of the entire pool and I knew NOTHING about Aquatic Fitness. Enter into my life Marlee, our faithful weekday opening lifeguard, who happened to also be a USWFA Master Trainer. Marlee would not only show me these ladies were not just a bunch “Nannas with Noodles” but would also be the spark to change the trajectory of my aquatics career.

Fast forward 6 years and I am in the middle of hosting a massive AEA training Weekend. I now was the lead Aquatic Fitness Professional for 13 aquatic venues, in addition to being a Master Trainer for Aqua Body Strong, and certified in all the formats (both land & sea) that I could get my flippers on. Our AEA Aquatic Training Specialist walks in to start our workshop and I notice her sporting a backpack, water bottle and tank top all with I <3 S’WET on it.

Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour was her name and changing the name of aquatic fitness was her game! This lady was speaking my aquatic love language. I agreed with every word of her workshop. The question still remained, “ She could talk the talk but could she ehh ...Swim the swim?” It was on our 3rd wall blast off in the master class that she and I locked eyes and smiled! “THIS WOMAN IS INCREDIBLE” I thought, and come to find out, Jenni Lynn was thinking the exact same thing about me!

What started as a training acquaintance, turned into mentorship, which morphed into friendship & accountability. It is with the greatest honor that I accepted to join the ranks of the S’WET™ Squad and help launch this game changing certification.


Katy currently serves as a Sr. Director of Aquatics in Boston. She is also a Master Trainer for Aqua Body Strong, AFAA Group Exercise Certified, holds AEA/AFAP/Hydro Revolution Aquatic Certifications and is an AEA Aquatic Training Specialist Trainee.

Katy also is an Aqua Zumba & Lablast Splash Instructor, Faculty YSLv6, Lifeguard Instructor Trainer for both American Red Cross & YUSA as well as an Instructor Trainer for ASHI!

Oh, and she's wicked SMATT (read in your best Boston accent)!

Contact Katy at :


If you missed Katy's episode on The Aquaholics Bootcamp - Episode 4, go back and catch up now!

And stay tuned...Season 2 is in production and we look forward to bringing you all the inside details on our favorite Programming, Education & Equipment!

Listen & Read Episode Transcript Here:



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