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Five Reasons to Love Dolfin Swimwear!

by Jenni Lynn Patterson LaCour

Since my high school swim team days, my aquatic swimwear has always been your typical one piece suit that usually rides up and becomes a thong by the time I complete my heat. Very uncomfortable to say the least.

Cut to 10 years later, when I am discovering the amazing world of vertical aquatic fitness and again, getting wedgies during class. UGH! Why couldn’t there be a comfortable outfit just for the water?!

That’s when I discovered Dolfin Swimwear. Why do I prefer this aqua wear over your general swimsuit?

Here Are 5 Reasons Jenni Loves Dolfin Swimwear for Her Aquatic Workouts:

1) While swimming we want to create less drag resistance on our body to become more streamlined, but in aquatic fitness, more drag resistance means more muscle contractions, so wearing water shorts or leggings with a water tank top became my ideal water workout wear to make some waves and get extra resistance for my legs and core.

2) No more wedgies! Not only do my water shorts/leggings and tank top not ride up, they help support and help keep “things” secure and hold everything in place (and I mean everything!) no matter how much jumping you’re doing.

3) How many times have you seen straight THROUGH the back of someone’s suit?! Gross! Not with Dolfin swimwear. Their materials are made to withstand the test of chlorine and hold up through hundreds of classes.

4) Speaking of, the Dolfin materials and cut is fantastic! Even if you prefer a one piece suit or tankini, the cut of the suit is comfortable and designed for ALL body types.

5) Selection & Style! I can say I’m a true New Yorker now by how much black clothing I own, but in the pool I love to see some color in my swimwear. Dolfin has a fantastic selection of different designs and styles to suit all types of bodies and activities.


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