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Find the S'WET™ SQUAD at IAFTC 2023

THIS IS THE YEAR! Whether you've never been or will be returning as always, we hope to see your smiling faces at IAFTC 2023 in Orlando, FL this summer!

Here's just a few of the many places, workshops and lectures you'll find our S'WET™ SQUAD this year.

Sunday, April 30th (9:30am-5:30pm):

S'WET™ Instructor Training with Jenni Lynn Patterson LaCour

The S’WET™ Instructor Training is a full day of intensive education and practical learning designed to revamp and reinvigorate your aquatic fitness teaching skills! The 8-hour day includes interactive lectures, demonstrations, group exercises, and in-pool workouts that will arm you with the ability to incorporate the S’WET™ philosophy and formula for success into your current programming, as well as certify you to teach the in-demand branded workouts we offer at your facility.'ll be invited to join the S'WET™ SQUAD, a community of aquatic fitness instructors committed to changing the perception of water workouts to bring more people of all ages and experience levels to the pool while delivering a high intensity, low impact cardio and strength training program!


Monday, May 1st (4:15-4:45 pm) Demo:

Hydrorevolution Experience with Katy Coffey

Katy presents Hydrorevolution Experience! Increase your pool’s profits with a total body water workout line. Learn hands on ideas to attract clients of all ages and abilities. All the tools you need for total body functional fitness, enhanced health and well being.


Tuesday, May 2nd (9:30-11:15 am) Lecture:

The Squeaky Wheel with Katy Coffey

How do you build support for aquatic fitness at your pool without being considered a nuisance? With more than 20 years in aquatic management, in addition to the health & wellness industry, Katy has a unique understanding on how to speak with upper management about investing and supporting the aquatic fitness community. Become a stronger team player, learn how to build a formal request, and move past “Us vs. Them” to get better results.

Tuesday, May 2nd (4:00-5:45 pm)

Deep Water Drills with Katy Coffey

Learn to “aquafy” land-based fitness drills using the properties of water. A collection of different blocks of drills and conditioning work using a variety of aquatic equipment to enhance the results. Each drill is built to target different FITT or HIIT principles and can be used as a stand-alone block of work or structured together for dynamic total body boot camp workout. Discuss buoyancy versus drag equipment, understand EPOC, and learn how to create descriptions to define the class purpose.


Wednesday, May 3rd (2:00-3:45 pm)

Aqua Depth with Jenni Lynn Patterson Lacour

Use base moves and intervals for a dual depth water class. Wall work, pyramids, Tabata, and more. This workout provides an intense challenge regardless of the depth where you are training. Learn to use base moves and multiple interval formats to design an easy-to-follow class structure with progressive options for advancing participants. Discuss effective deck instruction and cueing for multiple depth classes.


Thursday, May 4th (9:30-11:15 am)

The Power of Ω with Katy Coffey

Deeper understanding on a multi-purpose tool for all levels. AquaFIIT strength training technique features the Aqua Ω as its key training tool. Alternating between cardio, strength, upper and lower body, this one powerful tool is sure to give you a full body drag workout. Learn how to effectively design and implement an aquatic resistance-training program that maximizes results while remaining on budget.

Thursday, May 4th (4:00-5:45 pm)

Hydro Burn with Jenni Lynn Patterson LaCour

Using the natural drag resistance of water in combination with the buoyancy of hand buoys, this routine will target each muscle group. Work bilaterally and unilaterally to help correct muscle imbalances and improve overall strength through these dynamic movement patterns. Better understand how to choose appropriate buoyancy equipment for your demographics and gain effective cueing skills to enhance your leadership.




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