Dude, Where's My Pool?! Chris LaCour's Story.

Episode 3: Christopher LaCour

Our guests this season have unknowingly exposed a common denominator.

Most of their fitness careers began by pure happenstance. In one instance, an instructor didn't show up for a class. Another had one quit on the spot and couldn't find a sub in time. And one guest revealed he just walked into a gym off the street and offered to teach a step class, without ever having done so before in his life...

All these instructors, by the way, have another thing in common.

They're some of the most dynamic aqua fitness professionals in the industry right now.

As Christopher LaCour shares with the Aquaholics Bootcamp, his journey to becoming an #aquaticfitness instructor began with a serious back injury requiring spinal surgery. "That was Jenni's opportunity to go, 'Get in here!'" Jenni, of course, being our show's host and Christopher's wife, and "here" meaning one of her many aqua classes.

It wasn't long before consistent work in the pool brought his strength back. In fact, Christopher improved so well and so fast, Jenni Lynn found herself trying out new things just to keep him motivated and working hard. She reveals in the below episode, most of the creative and intense exercises she threw at Chris became the inspiration and basis for her S'WET™ program.

Be sure to check out Christopher's Instructor Self-Care video for tips and tricks on how you can stay healthy and happy as an active instructor. Learn a series of stretches for before and after class to promote flexibility and prevent bodily injury as well as vocal exercises that can be done before and after a class to prepare and repair your vocal cords and other sensitive areas of the throat.

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