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Diversifying Your Aquatics Program

Guest Blogger: Stephanie Newberry

Fitness facilities offer a pool and variety of classes for healthy exercise. But what most of these gyms lack is the importance of offering a well rounded aquatics program. Or if they DO, they often aren't clear about all they are offering by using generalized class names and titles.

If you have ever stepped into a traditional gym, you probably have seen a schedule of organized exercise classes set up in their aerobics rooms. There are strength classes, cardio classes, yoga, pilates, balance classes, etc. It is clear what is offered at each class.

When it comes to the pool, however, all you see is "aqua aerobics" with a list of times on a schedule.

The reality is, these classes are usually taught be several different instructors, each with their own style. Often these classes have a targeted focus - but you wouldn't know it by the term "aqua aerobics." This generic term actually does a disservice to the aquatic fitness department of these facilities.

In an effort to make it clear, at AquaGym Fitness™ our classes have a specific name and focus, allowing our clients to choose exactly how they want to work out in the water. AquaGym HIIT, AquaGym Circuit, AquaGym Pilates, and AquaGym StretchFlex are just a few of our specifications.

We have found that a clear description for each class coupled with a consistent schedule of classes really enriches our program. Our clients customize the aquatic fitness to their interests and needs, creating more engaged clients and a stronger retention rate.

If you are an aquatics director, you may want to take a strong look at your programming. Do you have classes that have specific targets? Do you offer a wide range of aquatic fitness styles to your clients? It can be as easy as titling the classes to their style. Not everyone enjoys a choreographed aqua aerobics class, while others love it. It is important to have a variety of class styles for your clients.

The aquatic environment has so many benefits for those of ALL fitness levels. Your aquatics fitness programming should be able to offer something for everyone. Titles and descriptions are very important for people to make intelligent decisions about their aquatic fitness routine. Be sure to take a good look at how you refer to the aqua fitness classes in your facility. You might be surprised how many more people you can reach simply by being clear and diverse with your aqua classes.

No matter how your facility handles their schedule, it is always important to highlight the benefits of aquatic fitness. Talk to your director if you feel their can be improvements, only that way can you consistently be able to service your customers, provide enriching programs, and help bring awareness to ALL of the faces of aquatic fitness.

"See You In The Pool!"


Stephanie Newberry is the founder of AquaGym Fitness™ located in Amelia Island, Florida. She is AEA and S'WET™ certified with a life long love of fitness. Stephanie received her Black Belt in Tang Soo Do in 2009, and loves to incorporate combat into her classes, both land and water. Stephanie is also a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She enjoys working full time in the fitness industry and loves helping all of her clients lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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