Ashley Bishop Offers Time Management Advice for Instructors

Episode 2: Ashley Bishop

Born and raised in British Columbia, Ashley Bishop is a professional dancer, a choreographer and was a featured performer for Carnival Cruise Lines. She's also a registered Certified Ballet Teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance and a Zumba Jammer™ for Zumba Fitness®.

Oh, and she's also part of the reason we even have a podcast to begin with! That's right...if you like our show, you have Ashley Bishop to thank for it! And if you don't... Well...See above? (More on this later...)

Now living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ashley is the founder of her own company BagelFit through which she offers fitness workshops as a Continuing Education Provider for ACE and AFAA, and as an Aquatic Training Specialist for the AEA.

Ashley is all of these things and so much more - but most of all she's someone we look to often for education, inspiration and motivation! And as you'll see when you dive into her episode below, it's impossible not to feel energized listening to her speak.

So how exactly did she influence the creation of the Aquaholics Bootcamp?

Last year, Ashley gifted Jenni Lynn a copy of Good Morning, Good Life: 5 Simple Habits to Master Your Mornings and Upgrade Your Life by Amy Landino. Jenni Lynn finished said book in a matter of two days, then sent AJ the following email:

Calendar Blocking possible on our Google Cal? I want 2020 to be the year of the S'WET Cert.

And she really is. Just check out this incredible tutorial Ashley put together on YouTube explaining Calendar Blocking for Success!

So by February 2020, Jenni Lynn and AJ began mapping out the rest of the year. We prioritized what we wanted to do, then plotted it out over the course of several months, then prepared for all the hard work ahead of us.

It felt incredible to know exactly what we wanted to be doing and by when we wanted to accomplish it.

In March we would start meeting to discuss new DVD material. April would be the month to finalize the S'WET™ Cert. Then in May down in Daytona Beach we would announce to everyone at #IAFC2020 that starting in June we would launch our cross-country tour to bring S'WET™ to as many facilities as we could.

July-September would be filled with traveling all over the country and in October Jenni Lynn was set to visit Australia for the first time.

What could possibly go wrong, right?

CUT TO: Here we are recording a podcast instead, all the while building out an online version of the S'WET™ Cert to accommodate the "new normal." It's still a lot of work. But it doesn't feel like it. Why? It's because thanks to everything we learned about Calendar Blocking from Ashley and Amy Landino, we were able to pivot our plans without losing steam and continue to stay productive.

Now every Thursday and Sunday Jenni Lynn and AJ meet virtually to discuss the podcast and the status of the Cert. And every other Monday, you get to listen to a brand new episode of the Aquaholics Bootcamp!

So again, if you like our show, thank Ashley Bishop for the inspiration and encouragement to continue onward in the face of uncertainty.

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