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LOL!!! Here's to YOU, Mrs. Robinson!

Bruce, I get it bro. You think Cross-Fit is cool and water workouts are for wusses. I admit...I used to think the same exact thing. Then I turned 30, and the thought of me lifting a used refrigerator up over my head just didn't sound like the right approach to fitness anymore.

My first class was a Wednesday. I remember this because I snuck out of work at lunchtime so I could try out this new "Aquatic Bootcamp" promising a high-intensity workout at the gym across the street. I figured I'd get into the pool, barely break a sweat and be back at my desk within the hour...

...Fifteen minutes into the warm-up and I began thinking of ways to call out from the office for the rest of the afternoon just so I could catch my breath and recover! It was my first water-based workout ever, and already I understood what the stunning brunette in the front row meant when she leaned over and said,

"Get ready...This ain't your grandma's aqua class!"

Combine intense cardio with low-impact plyometrics, throw in some heavy weights and enough wall taps to wreck havoc on my abdominals and you get S'WET: The Aquatic Bootcamp -- a truly revolutionary reworking of the water-based workout.

So Bruce and EVERYONE ELSE who thinks aqua classes are just "for old ladies like mom...", before you start throwing shade our way, dive in and experience the new wave in aquatic fitness!

Not in New York City?

If you can't make it to a S'WET by Jenni Lynn Fitness class to try it out, check out their DVDs on sale now! You can bring S'WET to your own pool and see for yourself.

Oh, and Mrs. Robinson, your copy is on the way to you now!

Visit the S'WET SHOP for more.



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