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by Jenni Lynn Patterson LaCour

Now that I’ve stopped counting how many days have passed without teaching, I realize just how focused I’ve become on the anticipation of actually ‘having’ to go back to it! I am THRILLED to announce that starting May 3rd, S’WET™ is returning to TMPL GYM - Monday thru Thursdays at 6:00 PM.

It may be New York City’s time to partially resume indoor group fitness classes, but before I take the first step back into a gym in over a year, I am reflecting on how much myself and the S’WET™ Squad have accomplished over the last twelve months during this pandemic...

...from a morning routine that truly helps me start my day on my terms, to working on developing life and work habits that aid me towards a work/life flow balance, knowing when to ask for help...and when to walk away and breathe. (Thank you Amy Landino, Lavendaire & Ashley Bishop). These are all things I never would have had time to consider until the pandemic, and although it will always sound odd to say it, I am thankful for this time of trial and uncertainty.

Going towards the unknown and uncomfortable is what pushes us to discover things about ourselves we didn’t know we had or were capable of. It also puts a large mirror in front of your face and strongly encourages you to wake up and get moving! *To put it politely* I didn’t like the reflection I saw three years ago, but I recently celebrated my THIRD YEAR of sobriety, and I know that my journey has been as amazing as it has because I have been present for it.

Clear minded and eyes open to what I wanted while listening to my heart and not the bottle.

Along with celebrating three years of sobriety, I recently filmed the official S’WET™ Instructor Training Master Class with my growing S’WET™ Squad (Chris LaCour, AJ Meyers & Katy Coffey) for the official launch of my first certificate program. While on set, I also found out my 7 year wait for the legal trademark to S’WET™ became official!!! ALL 3 major goals happened within the same week of each other and it busted my soul wide open!

I am one of ‘those people’ who tend to focus on the negative and get stuck on the ‘hamster wheel’ of self doubt, so when I allowed myself to fully take in ALL that was happening, along with all that has happened -- and IS STILL happening -- I find myself truly thankful for this time. This time to change and lean into the unknown, and begin to discover what I was capable of in this lifetime.

I hope you are doing the same.

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

- Christopher Robin (Winnie The Pooh)



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