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A New Life Filled with S’WET™

by Tawny (Palovchik) Cauthon

A year ago, I collapsed in my bathrobe and cried.

Tears of relief, tears of joy, tears of every possible emotion I wasn’t allowed to express in my corporate job of 17 years.

Was I crazy? I’d saved and prepared for this moment for years. But who walks away from investment banking income? What if the job wasn’t making me miserable...but what if truly, deep down, I was destined to be miserable regardless, and I’d just walked away from it all?

I was excited and simultaneously terrified. I didn’t know what would come next, but I knew I was fundamentally broken inside. My soul was crushed. I forgot how to smile and I got pissed off when people told me to. I dreaded each day.

Enough…you get the picture.

So I started working out. I’d always been health conscious and active, but now I had the time to do it right. If I tired the body, I could tire my newly restless mind. If I fatigued the muscles, I didn’t feel guilty watching all 15 seasons of ER on the couch afterwards (I really did…Love that show!)

Soon thereafter, one of the trainers I was working with said, “Hey, you’re here every day. Your form is great. Why don’t you work here?” Me, step back onto the stage? Did I really want to be the center of attention? Do I want people staring at my body? You know what, yes, I am good at this. I can do this. So I did.

And so began the certifications. I devoured each lesson. I love learning. I got giddy studying the fundamentals of the body, movement, and health. Then, just when I started to get the hang of land instruction, aquatic fitness emerged and changed my perspective.

As a self-proclaimed sun goddess, I often preferred to lie by the pool instead of immerse myself in it. But once I really gave water a chance, there was no turning back. My body awakens and rejuvenates in the water. I feel alive and free! Many of you reading this are aquatic fitness instructors, so I don’t have to convince you.

You’re wondering what took me so long? So am I.

Fast forward a year and I’ve never been happier. I found myself again. I AM fun. I AM full of life. I found the right fit. When I wake up in the middle of the night now, I get excited thinking about my upcoming classes. I smile all the time now and without anybody telling me to. I even put smiley faces in emails ☺.

Teaching at the pool fills me with joy as each day feels like I’m playing hooky or on summer vacation. Pushing and inspiring others has been even more rewarding than I expected. Watching them get into the water and feel that jolt of electricity is a beautiful thing.

I love everything S’WET™ represents and am proud to be a member of the S’WET™ SQUAD. I love being a face that helps change the perception of aquatic fitness.

Water isn’t just for those injured or past a certain age. Water is energy. Water is life. Water works the body in ways land just can’t. Water kicks my a** and I love it! No more floating around on noodles in class. In my S’WET™ Boot Camp class, we work hard, we get our hair wet, we make white water, and we have fun.

Join us. Let’s keep this movement going. Let’s S’WET™!


Tawny (Palovchik) Cauthon is an ACE and AEA certified land and aquatic fitness instructor at The Claremont Club in Claremont, CA. In addition to S’WET™ Boot Camp, Tawny also teaches Barre, Bosu, Bodyshop and and Balance classes. Tawny’s fitness journey started after nearly two decades in Finance working as a Corporate and Investment Banker for a large international bank in downtown Los Angeles.

She lives in La Verne, CA with her husband, Tyler, and two Labradors - also water enthusiasts!

Contact Tawny: On LinkedIn

Follow her on JLF: My S'WET Profile


Tawny took our Instructor Training this past April. Two months later she's already making waves with creative ideas like her printed move reminder signs to help with cuing large crowds, using circuit stations and encourage proper form. We absolutely love this idea and with her permission shared examples below:

And here's what she shared with us post-certification:

"I subbed the S’WET™ Master Class today. They loved it! Got amazing feedback and even attracted some younger members of the club into the pool for the first time. Word of mouth has spread and we had 24 today. Plus my boot camp is also already wait listed for tomorrow too. One woman told me it’s the hardest she’s ever worked in the water and she loved every minute!" -- Tawny

To join Tawny and the rest of our incredible S'WET™ SQUAD to help change the perception of aquatic fitness, check out our upcoming workshop weekends:

July 30th-31st

August 5th-7th @ DCAC

August 20th-21st

September 9th-11th




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