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Going From Turf to Surf

Taking Your Land-Based Exercises into the Water​

Muhammad Ali -- one of the world's greatest boxers -- was known for his speed, endurance and unorthodox, dance-like fighting style. And as legend has it, what made Ali the ultimate contender in the ring was the truly unique way he prepared for his matches outside it... the pool!

Ali knew that aquatic fitness workouts provide the perfect blend of intense cardio and superior resistance training, allowing you to build up stamina, improve balance and push yourself to work harder, all the while avoiding needless stress and injury to your body and joints!

Perhaps Ali was actually revealing his secret training routine when he famously said, "float like a butterfly."

The whole time he was actually talking about the swim stroke!


Just Add Water!

Adding water to your workout regiment can be one of the most effective methods for improving strength and body conditioning. And it's easy to do too. Why? Because almost any exercise performed on land can be done with modification in the water -- often times with even better results!

But before you dive in, it's critical to understand the effects of water resistance on your body, how to properly modify certain movements to avoid injuries and how to choose the right pieces of equipment to improve your fitness experience.

Our Turf to Surf workshop will do all of that, assisting you with taking your current land-based exercises into the water.

Whether you're a certified personal trainer or just an enthusiast looking to expand your own workout routines, these workshops will bring you the latest trends in the fitness industry!


Why Water Works...

There's a reason S'WET is fast becoming the new wave in aquatic fitness -- IT WORKS!

Topics in our Turf to Surf workshops include:

  • understanding the power of resistance in the water,

  • how buoyancy, density and body inertia can effectively work for and against you as part of your fitness training.

  • how water workouts can be the most effective method for those with injuries and in rehabilitation.


Pools, Tools & More

The right pieces of equipment are the truest tools of our trade.

In our Turf to Surf workshop we will have discussions and demonstrations of the differences between various types of aquatic equipment, including:

  • drag, buoyant, weighted and resistant products,

  • as well as when to use them most effectively.


Moves You Can Use

Finally, as part of the Turf to Surf workshop, we will review some of the core water-based exercises almost anyone can perform, and demonstrate ways to increase intensity for maximum results while still minimizing impact on your joints.

  • Modification is the key to success!

Interested in booking the Jenni Lynn's Turf to Surf workshop? Click here to learn more and download the details!


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