8 Great S'WET Moves AquaStrength Bar

One of our favorite new pieces of equipment to include in our S'WET circuits these days is AquaStrength's Barbell.

The light-weight, unique design allows for a multitude of exercises focusing on flexibility, upper body, core strength, coordination, balance, rotary stability, power, agility and endurance!

Here are 8 Great S'WET Exercises using just the barbell and the power of multi-directional resistance in the water:

We like to incorporate some of these moves in our S'WET Boot Camp circuits. Try three rounds of each exercise in intervals of 15-seconds, 30-seconds and then really challenge yourself for a whole minute!

Questions about how the bell works or interested in buying one for your workouts? Contact us through our Facebook page for additional details!

And check out some of the DVD's we made in partnership with FitMotivation.

Their users got a first hand look at our two most popular workshops -- S'WET Boot Camp & S'WET Deep Water! Now you can bring the workout to your laptop computer with our digital downloads!



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