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S'WET™ Noodle RX

This 40-minute low-impact shallow-water workout accommodates students of various heights and fitness levels with class content that includes grounded movement and creative challenges using a noodle.




  • Segment 1: Warm-Up - Features some impact and then transitions into lower body series of grounded/anchored moves. Note: The noodle is not utilized in this segment.


  • Segment 2: Upper Body - The noodle is used in various positions to perform buoyant resisted exercises that target the upper extremities.


  • Segment 3: Focus on Core - targets the core with a variety of noodle positions and exercises.


  • Segment 4: Cool Down - features a final stretch using the noodle.


Noodle Recommendations: Jenni Lynn recommends a medium density noodle that is pliable. “I have access to the white/Hydro-Fit medium to heavy density noodles in my classes, and find that the majority of the class enjoys the challenge of this denser type of noodle." She does have lighter noodles for some of her students with arthritic or hand issues.


S'WET™ Noodle RX

  • Length: 40 min

    Number of Exercises: 50+

    Levels: Appropriate for ALL LEVELS of activity

    Equipment Used: Noodle


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