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DAY 125 in quarantine.


Today I learned what separates acts of the improbable from the impossible is simply the willingness to try.


It was improbable I'd be able to stay in shape during this pandemic; but it wasn't impossible. It was improbable I'd find a new hobby to throw my sudden abundance of all the free time in the world into - yet again, not impossible.


It was super-duper improbable I'd break down and start my very own podcast. But you know where this is going...


Day 125 and Episode One of The Aquaholics Bootcamp has just dropped.

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Dive In and Start Listening Now


That's right. Just like everyone else and their mother right now, Jenni Lynn and I have decided to try our hand at producing a podcast. Our pools closed. Our livelihoods suddenly stunted. And it wasn't long before the Google Drive doc named Things To Do When We Finally Have Some Time resurfaced.


Number One on the list for Jenni Lynn? Finish building the S'WET Certificate Program. It's been a dream of hers for so long to officially launch the training course to build a qualified network of certified S'WET instructors all over the globe.


And mine? Start a podcast. Makes sense really, since for the past few years I've been working behind the scenes in podcast production. In fact, one could make a solid argument for it being pretty PROBABLE I'd wind up creating one. But being ON a podcast??? Impossible.


Like everyone who's ever recorded themselves in the history of the world, I don't like the sound of my own voice. Plus, I'm a very private person; I don't even have my own social media accounts (anymore).


And I'll tell you what, it's been quite comfortable here backstage, watching life from the wings. But comfort is the temptress of time, a siren luring us into a false sense of inner tranquility. Comfort can poison you, paralyze you, push you back down to the couch with every reason and excuse not to change...


...Then suddenly you're forty and realize the list of all the things you want to try before you die has only grown longer while your time and opportunity -- and WILL -- to accomplish them that much shorter.


But that stops today. Day 125.


Jenni Lynn and I invite you now to join us on a new adventure of self-exploration, as we seek out motivation and inspiration from our peers in the aquatic fitness community and beyond.


Each episode we'll interview some of our favorite guests like Ashley Bishop, Aquatic Training Specialist with the AEA and Zumba Jammer for Zumba Fitness about her use of clever time management tricks to remain focused on all her goals - and trust us, she's got a million and they're all amazing!


Fitmotivation's Mark Grevelding will join us to share how his new app PoolFit is keeping aquatic fitness lovers fulfilled and fit during the quarantine lockdown - all from the comfort and safety of home. And Master Trainer with AquaBody Strong, Katy Coffey stops by our virtual recording studio to explain how the power of word choice is crucial in combating the stigmas associated with aquatic fitness.


HINT: DON'T call it "water aerobics." And in case you're wondering, yes, it's Coffey like the drink!


BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Combining Jenni Lynn and my aspirations, we're also giving you a candid sneak peak at the building of the S'WET Certificate program, what it entails to create an official fitness program and when you can sign up to become S'WET certified!


One hundred and 25 days ago if you asked me where to find my podcast, I'd smirk and say it's impossible...I don't have one.


But now, because I found the will to at least try, I can tell you to search for and subscribe to The Aquaholics Bootcamp on iTunes, Apple Podcasts or anywhere you get your audio content.

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