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Xtreme Aqua 1

It's time to get Xtreme! Christopher LaCour deveoped Xtreme Aqua 1 for his more advanced classes looking for even more extreme exercises. This workout is broken into four segments featuring multiple high intensity exercises -- with and without equipment!

Note: The exercises in our S’WET formated workouts tend to move seamlessly from one to another and are meant to stay at a medium to high intensity level continuously.




Segment 1: Body Work:


This segment begins with an aggressive warm-up and then progresses to a series of grounded moves that feature changes in body positioning and powerful movements. Some of the anchored moves include progressions where both feet leave the pool floor instead of one. Grounded moves are highly underrated. Eliminating impact, they can provide a powerful punch when combined with explosive arm and leg patterns. 


Segment 2:  Noodle Work

These aren’t your typical noodle exercises!  This segment includes lots of intense core work where the noodle is positioned behind the back and the body is often suspended. There is also a challenging segment where Chris is standing on the noodle and showing off some of his surfer dude moves. 


Segment 3:  Buoy Work

So you think foam dumbbells are just for chatty aqua ladies? You obviously haven’t tried water-sit ups with the buoys behind the knees. This segment also includes lots of upper body exercises and some very challenging core planking moves. 


Segment 4:  Wall Work

The S’WET brand is probably most known for its wicked wall exercises. In this segment, Chris demonstrates a wall circuit that combines four different versions of wall taps with four different variations of wall push-offs. The end result is a heart-pounding gauntlet of athletic endeavor. 



Xtreme Aqua 1

  • Length: 34:38

    Number of Exercises: 25+

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels (with modifications)

    Equipment Used: Hand Buoys, Noodles, Wall


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