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Xtreme Aqua 2

Christopher LaCour is back again with even more extreme aqua moves! Xtreme Aqua 2 showcases athletic, high-intensity exercises designed to provide extra challenges for intermediate and advanced students. The workout is broken into six segments, and includes the use of noodles, hand buoys, the pool wall and the water’s natural resistance.




Segment 1: Warm-up


We'll start the workout with some high energy sprints to get the body warmed up. These exercises will prepare the hip and shoulder joints for the Xtreme moves to come.


Segment 2: Wall Work


Known for their creative use of the pool wall, both Jenni Lynn and Chris keep finding new ways to athletically challenge their students with wall work. Chris introduces some fresh ideas for wall taps, kicks and push-offs.


Segment 3: Water’s Resistance


Who needs equipment when you have 360 degrees of natural (and effective) resistance all around you? Chris effectively demonstrates that using the water’s resistance can be as intense as expensive equipment with some powerful exercise that challenges the heart, the core and the lower body.


Segment 4: Noodles:


It’s time to fire up the legs and core with a pool noodle, as it provides neutral buoyancy in both reclined and modified supine positions. Chris prefers the larger white HYDRO-FIT noodles because they more effectively support a dense, muscular body.


Segment 5: Hand Buoys:


The hand buoys are used with a variety of arm patterns to target the muscles of the upper body.  The buoys are also used as a means of creating neutral buoyancy to target the core, similar to the noodles. Trust us, his Helicopter move is "Xtreme Extraordinaire."


Segment 6: Cool Down:


Chris uses rhythmic movement to reduce the heart rate, stretch muscles and restore the body to pre-exercise conditions. 


Xtreme Aqua 2

  • Length: 37:44

    Number of Exercises: 25+

    Levels: For Intermediate and Advanced students

    Equipment Used: Noodles, Hand Buoys, Wall


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