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Wave Warrior



Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour shares a brand new workout she developed for her more advancedathletic students -- aka her weekend S'WET™ WAVE WARRIORS


Learn how to implement ‘strength, cardio & power’ triads into classes, as well as take away ideas for adding maximal drag resisted exercises with and without equipment. 


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Wave Warrior

  • Length: 36 min

    Number of Exercises: 50+

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels (with modifications)

    Equipment Used: Aqualogix Drag Bells & Fins


    * Please note: Exercises performed can be done without the use of equipment or modified with webbed gloves and even your bare hands! Foam Buoys are NOT RECOMMENDED. 

  • Wave Warrior was created to give students a high-intensity workout with low-impact. Every Wave Warrior needs to be ARMED for their workout! 


    We love adding Aqualogix Bells to the mix: Dynamic, all purpose cardio and strength / drag resistance training in the palm of your hand! Aqualogix bells provide omni-directional resistance and are available in three unique designs based on your needs:

    All Purpose Bells (Black): Creates a moderate/intense training tempo compared to the High Speed and Max Resistance Bells. Most effective for upper body and core specific training. Works arms/back and chest safely and effectively!

    High Speed Bells (Green): Creates a high speed training tempo compared to the All Purpose and Max Resistance Bells. Will provide less resistance in the water but faster speed for incredible toning and core work.

    Max Resistance Bells (Blue): Creates a slower tempo training compared to the All Purpose and High Speed Bells. Provides the maximum resistance possible with slowest speed.


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