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Super Circuit Series II

Get ready to S’WET DEEP with Jenni Lynn Patterson Lacour in another super circuit! This 15 minute circuit includes 5 minutes of cardio, 4 minutes of strength training, 3 minutes of diagonal movements, 2 minutes of legs and 1 minute of abs


DEEP 5-4-3-2-1:


  • Segment 1:  5 minutes of Cardio - The longest of the 5 segments is designed to get the heart  pumping and the calories burning with high intensity cardio moves.


  • Segment 2:  4 minutes of Strength - Jenni Lynn uses more focused moves to target specific muscle groups.


  • Segment 3:  3 minutes of Diagonal Moves - Training with the body in a diagonal position forces more work from the core.  Jenni Lynn shares a few of her favorite diagonal moves.


  • Segment 4:  2 minutes of Legs - This segment is all about targeting the major muscle groups of the lower body.


  • Segment 5:  1 minute of Core/Abs - This super circuit finishes up with 60 seconds of ab training.



Super Circuit Series II

  • Length: 18:53

    Number of Exercises: 20+

    Levels: All Levels

    Equipment Used: Flotation Belt


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