S'WET™ Challenge

S'WET™ Challenge



Learn how to create an entire class format with just five base moves and four options for each using circuits, intervals and equipment. Thrill your students with fast-paced lightning rounds that include endless options! This DVD introduces a format that can be replicated in any class and with any population. We even offer an easy to use ‘create-a-class’ template that is included with the notes. 


With 20+ exercises, S’WET CHALLENGE™ is one of the easiest classes you will ever teach! Guide your students through a succession of exercises and options. The ‘Create-a-Class’ template allows instructors to substitute their own base moves and options for ongoing use in classes.


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INSTRUCTOR GUIDED CIRCUITS:  After the warm-up, the workout begins with a 10-15 minute guided circuit in which the five base moves and the four options are introduced. 


INTERVAL LIGHTNING ROUNDS – NO EQUIPMENT: Once the students have been introduced to the base moves and their options, it is time for the interval lightning rounds!


INTERVAL LIGHTNING ROUNDS – WITH EQUIPMENT: In this round, the SAME exercises and options are performed for the same timeframe, however the moves are now performed with equipment. The selected equipment is hand buoys.

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  • Technical Specs:

    Length: 43 min

    Number of Exercises: 20+

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels (with modifications)

    Equipment Used: Hand Buoys


    * Please note: Exercises performed can be done using foam hand buoys as demonstrated, or modified with webbed gloves and even your bare hands!



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