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Noodle RX - Audio Workout

NOODLE RX™ - Audio Pool Workout


This 40-minute low impact workout features 10 minutes of non-impact lower body movements without equipment and then 30 minutes using the noodle for upper body, lower body and core exercises. This workout is ideal if your pool depth is on the shallower side.


Exercising along with this workout? This product is AUDIO ONLY - a guided pool workout with music & verbal cues.




Wanna take NOODLE RX to the pool deck with you without risking water damage to your computer or phone? DONE! It's like having Jenni Lynn right there with you while you work out! Now you can download an audio only version of our NOODLE RX DVD and play it on your phone, through speakers, or even waterproof mp3 players/earphones. Jenni Lynn will walk you through the entire workout step-by-step. This is the PERFECT companion to the DVD, or even as a stand-alone workout you can take with you on the go!




This low-impact workout was created to accommodate students of various heights and fitness levels in a shallow-water class. The first segment focuses on creating class content with grounded moves and the other two segments demonstrate how incorporating a noodle provides creative challenges and reduced impact.


NOODLE RX: AT-A-GLANCE: This 40-minute workout features four segments.


Segment 1 starts with a warm-up that features some impact and then transitions into lower body series of grounded/anchored moves. The noodle is not utilized in this segment.


Segment 2 is all about the upper body. The noodle is used in various positions to perform buoyant resisted exercises that target the upper extremities.


Segment 3 targets the core with a variety of noodle positions and exercises.


Segment 4 features a final stretch using the noodle.


Noodle Recommendations: Medium density noodle that is pliable.

Noodle RX - Audio Workout

    • Length: 40 min
    • Format: MP3
    • File Size: 76.6 MB
    • Number of Exercises:
    • Levels: Appropriate for all levels (with modifications)
    • Equipment Used: Noodle
  • This product is AUDIO ONLY - a guided pool workout with music & verbal cues. A link to the mp3 file for you to download will be emailed to you and also available upon checkout.


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