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Back Wall



This 15-minute video features exercises performed using the pool wall, specifically designed to target posterior muscles of the body - your back, glutes and core. Jenni Lynn Patterson LaCour demonstrates 10 different exercises first in deep water, and then adapted and repeated again in shallow.


Instructor Tip: Implement these exercises during water breaks / equipment switches when students head back to the wall. 


  • The 10 wall exercises demonstrated are designed to target posterior muscles with more of an emphasis on extension as opposed to flexion. “As a personal trainer, I love to focus on posterior muscles since those tend to be the weakest on most of our participants, specifically the back, core and gluteus muscles,” says Jenni Lynn. 


  • With the emphasis on rear muscles, many of the exercises are performed with the back to the wall to encourage contact that is made from extension of the hips, spine and shoulders. “In the video, I try to provide verbal cues to help instructors properly teach the exercises so that participants maintain upright posture and activate their postural muscles to isolate themselves with their back to the wall.” 


Back Wall

  • Length:  16:56

    Number of Exercises: 20 - 10 in Deep & 10 in Shallow

    Levels: Approrpiate for all levels and experience

    Equipment Used: Just the wall! Flotation belts encouraged for Deep Water work.


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