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From Turf to SurfTM

Taking Your Land-Based Exercises into the Water

Muhammad Ali -- one of the world's greatest boxers -- was known for his speed, endurance and unorthodox, dance-like fighting style. And as legend has it, what made Ali the ultimate contender in the ring was the truly unique way he prepared for his matches outside the pool!

Ali knew that aquatic fitness workouts provide the perfect blend of intense cardio and superior resistance training, allowing you to build up stamina, improve balance and push yourself to work harder, all the while avoiding needless stress and injury to your body and joints! "


Perhaps Ali was actually revealing his secret training routine when he famously said, "float like a butterfly."


The whole time he was actually talking about the swim stroke! 

Why Water Works

There's a reason S'WET is fast becoming the new wave in aquatic fitness -- IT WORKS! Topics include understanding the power of resistance in the water, how buoyancy, density and body inertia can effectively work for and against you as part of your fitness training. We will also discuss how water workouts can be the most effective method for those with injuries and in rehabilitation. 

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