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Jenni Lynn Fitness is fast becoming THE premiere aquatic fitness group in New York City and beyond! But don't take our word for it...

Here's what some of our actual clients have to say about their experience:

"As one of Jenni Lynn’s clients for the past three years I have been the fortunate beneficiary of both her repertoire of skills and her personal attention. Moreover, if professionalism embodies such qualities as honesty and integrity, reliability and responsibility, caring and encouragement, dedication and commitment, good humor and patience, there is no finer example than Jenni Lynn. As a result - and as my doctor also has noted - I have gained in both physical well being and increased confidence as I pursue my daily activities. I cannot imagine that there is a finer or more competent person in her field."  — Marilyn

"While I have been participating in aquacise for over twenty-five years, I have never enjoyed it as much as I do today with Jenni Lynn Fitness. The energy and diversity she brings to the program keeps me interested and challenged. Over the last two years that I have labored under her instruction, I have increased my level of skill in the water exponentially. Jenni Lynn is the most dynamic water instructor I have EVER exercised with. She is truly Highly Recommended!"  — Bob

"I can't say how fabulous the class is for me. It is not only great exercise, particularly for someone like me who likes to stay fit but has a tricky knee, but it is also wonderfully invigorating and relaxing at the same time. There is a great mixture of cardio and strength training in the class, and being in the water adds an almost soothing element. Jenni Lynn is a fantastic teacher, keeping up everyone's energy and effort, while being attentive to particular issues people might have, and making sure people use proper form and stretch during and after. I would love it so much if you could teach more aqua classes!"  — Ruth

"Jenni is a wonderful, energitic and exceptional instructor for our water workouts. The class loves her and the proof of this it that her classes are always so full. Her smile is infectious and brightens our day...My husband used to tell me I had nice legs. Now he won't stop touching them!"  —  Barbara

"The first class I attended took aquacise to another level for me! And it just continued to get better and better. Years ago when I had a torn ACL repaired at the Hospital for Special Surgery, my doctor told me I would definitely have arthritis in that knee. I credit the water classes for preventing that from happening. I have taken Jenni Lynn's water aerobics classes for about three years. It's a great way to keep my body flexible. Jenni Lynn is a very creative instructor. Her classes are fresh, challenging, physiologically safe, and best of all, FUN!"  —  Marion

"I never thought I'd have so much fun and get a great workout in a pool until I took Jenni's S'WET bootcamp classes. For the past couple of years, I had problems with my left hip. Months of physical therapy, seeing an orthopedist, and wearing shoe inserts didn't alleviate the pain. It wasn't until I started to take aqua bootcamp twice a week did my hip pain go away. There's no cheating in the water because you can't just use momentum. You're forced to fight through the water's natural resistance so you're working even the small muscles. Thanks Jenni!"  —  Flower

"Finding the Aqua Boot Camp classes has been the best thing I've come across in years. I was hooked after only one class with Jenni Lynn Fitness. Being on the other side of spinal fusion surgery, I was afraid I would never find an excercise that felt good to me. The Aqua Boot Camp is just the right mix of demanding yet enjoyable and more. I specifically sought out this water exercise class because of the benefit of reduced impact. Very importantly, Jenni helps me feel secure, protected by the water and safe under her watch." —  Leslie

"I knew I needed to exercise, but am not one for gymnastics. Several years ago a friend suggested that I try water aerobics, which I had always avoided but finally did try. Now it is a regular part of my life! I tried various trainers, but have found that the classses offered by Jenni Lynn Fitness are just my speed and a little more, challenging me to go a little further. They vary the exercises to fit the class size and manage each and every one of the attendees well."  —  Marilyn

"One of the main reasons I tried S'WET by Jenni Lynn Fitness was because I absolutely detest going to the gym, fighting over machines, standing in line watching muscle-bound meatheads take photos of themselves more often than actually working out. After just my first class, I was hooked. I love never having to go to the gym anymore. I get a better workout and enjoy it!"  — AJ

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