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Join date: May 1, 2022


Work at Cheyenne Aquatic Center as an aquatics instructor and the Fitness Specialist

AEA certified professional aquatics instructor

S'WET certified

Acquapole certified

Acquapole Kickboxing certified

Hydrorider Bike certified

Arthritis Foundation land & water

Autism Spectrum Aquatics

Fitour certifications in Group Fitness, Cycling, kickboxing, Core & Functional Fitness

Current classes at Cheyenne Aquatic Center:


Power Waves

Water Cycling

Fluid Golden Years

Free Flow (for mid range Alzheimer's)

Received a grant to develop a program for Autism Spectrum

  • S'WET™ Trained
    S'WET™ Trained
    Attended an official S'WET™ Instructor Training.
  • IAFC 2022
    IAFC 2022
    Attended our S'WET™ Instructor Training at IAFC 2022
Nancy Draves

Nancy Draves

S'WET™ Trained
IAFC 2022
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