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Based in Nashville, TN!

Your profile if your opportunity to tell the world who you are and what you love about Aquatic Fitness! You can add photos, your class schedule, contact information...Just remember that this will be public so only add info you want the world to see!

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One of my favorite things about aquatic fitness is that water is a great equalizer. No matter who you are -- your age, gender, fitness experience -- you can get an effective, challenging workout!

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Welcome to my profile! It's just like Facebook but without any of the political conversations! 😜

You can add your own photos, videos, links to things you find interesting and want to share...

....Your profile is publicly shareable with your students AND you can FOLLOW each other as part of our community!



Find me teaching here:

YMCA (Street Address, City, State Zip)

  • Tue - 6:00 PM - S’WET™

  • Thu - 6:00 PM - S’WET™


  • S'WET™ Trained
    S'WET™ Trained
    Attended an official S'WET™ Instructor Training.
  • S'WET™ DEEP Trained
    S'WET™ DEEP Trained
    Attended an official S'WET™ DEEP Instructor Training.
  • Master Trainer
    Master Trainer
    Official S'WET™ Master Trainer
  • IAFC 2021
    IAFC 2021
    Our FIRST CLASS of S'WET™ Instructors at IAFC 2021!
A.J. Meyers

A.J. Meyers

Director, Business Development

S'WET™ Trained
S'WET™ DEEP Trained
Master Trainer
IAFC 2021
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