Wicked Wall

Wicked Wall

This 16-minute video features Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour's favorite wall exercises! Jenni Lynn will instruct from deck while Chris LaCour demonstrates the moves in the pool.




  • Wicked Wall Segment 1 – Simple Wall Circuit - This circuit features four moves and is one of Jenni Lynn’s current go-to drills that she uses when the students retrieve equipment from the wall. 


  • Wicked Wall Segment 2 – Progressed Wall Circuit - The circuit of four moves gets progressed with hand buoys and then replayed with even more progressions. The circuit then gets progressed in imaginary deep water by suspending all of the moves.


  • Wicked Wall Segment 3 – Favorite Wall Moves - Jenni Lynn shares a few more of her wicked wall moves.



  • Technical Specs:

    Length: 16:24

    Number of Exercises: 20+

    Levels: All Levels

    Equipment Used: Hand Buoys



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