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Wave Warrior - AUDIO Workout

Wanna take Wave Warrior to the pool deck with you without risking water damage to your computer or phone? DONE! Introducing our first ever AUDIO WORKOUT! It's like having Jenni Lynn right there with you while you work out! 


Now you can download an audio only version of our Wave Warrior DVD and play it on your phone, through speakers, or even waterproof mp3 players/earphones.


Jenni Lynn will walk you through the entire workout step-by-step. This is the PERFECT companion to the DVD, or even as a stand-alone workout you can take with you on the go!




Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour shares a brand new workout she developed for her more advancedathletic students -- aka her weekend S'WET™ WAVE WARRIORS


Learn how to implement ‘strength, cardio & power’ triads into classes, as well as take away ideas for adding maximal drag resisted exercises with and without equipment.

Wave Warrior - AUDIO Workout

  • Length: 36 min

    Format: MP3

    File Size: 52.8 MB

    Number of Exercises: 50+

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels (with modifications)

    Equipment Used: Aqualogix Drag Bells & Fins


    * Please note: Exercises performed can be done without the use of equipment or modified with webbed gloves and even your bare hands! Foam Buoys are NOT RECOMMENDED. 


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