Spring Online Workshops
Join Jenni Lynn for online versions of her most popular workshops: WAVE WARRIOR, NOODLE RX & S'WET CHALLENGE! Each workshop will provide you with a live lecture (60-90 minutes), access to the full workout video associated with that lecture (45 min) PLUS a recorded version of the live lecture and the full presentation for up to 30 days after the event!


Workshop Dates:*


  • March 27th @ 12PM EST: WAVE WARRIOR
  • April 3rd @ 12PM EST: NOODLE RX
  • April 17th @ 12PM EST: S'WET CHALLENGE

* You do not have to attend the live lecture at the start times listed above, but please note the recorded presentation and supporting materials won't be available until 24 hours after the workshop.


COST $20.00 / workshop or sign up for all 3 for $50!


CECs:  Each workshop will provide 2.0 AEA CECs



  • Workshops will be held via Zoom and are best viewed on your computer/laptop. There is an app to download (free) for iPads/iPhones.


  • For an optimal audio/video experience, try to set up near your modem and limit the number of devices using your Wi-Fi.
  • All audio will be muted upon entry.  This creates a better audio/visual experience. Feel free to turn your mic on pre and post class! 
  • Please have your cameras on & your name on your profile. You can see your name in the left corner of your box when on a zoom meeting and can Edit your Display Name through your Profile.
  • Make sure to “Pin” my video when we start class!
  • Log in early in case you have any troubleshooting to work through! I’ll be online too so we can hang out!


Spring Online Workshops

Select Your Workshop:
  • WAVE WARRIOR: Whether your aqua class is 30, 45 or 60 minutes long, you can get your students the calorie and muscle burn they want each time they come to class. Featuring Aqualogix Resistance Bells, this total body aquatic workout takes interval training to the next level by combining strength, cardio, flexibility & intense core training. Equipment Used: Aqualogix Resistance Bells & Hand Buoys


    NOODLE RX: This low-impact noodle workout is just what the Aqua Doc ordered! We will rotate through a series of anchored and grounded lower body movements that challenge the legs without impact on the joints. We will also explore various body positions and exercises that target the upper body and core. ​Equipment Used: Medium Density Noodle


    S'WET CHALLENGE: No matter what fitness level you or your students work at now, there is always room to encourage yourself and your class to challenge themselves! Learn how to use proper modifications and impact variations to push yourself and them to take the workout further than they imagined. ​Equipment Used: Hand Buoys & Noodles



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