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Silver Strength

This video features some of the S’WET brands favorite equipment and instructional styles, but with a focus on an older demographic and their specific fitness needs. Take away ideas for balance, core, muscle endurance, functional movement and more. 




This video features 7 segments. The exercises in each segment are performed for 30 seconds each – or two 32-count music phrases. 


Segment 1: Warm-up:


This simple warm-up is designed to get the body acclimated to the cooler pool temperatures and to prepare the joints and major muscle groups for the workout to come.


Segments 2 & 3: No Equipment:


These two segments feature a medley of movements that target balance, coordination, core stability and muscular endurance. 


Segment 4: Single Drag Bell:


This segment introduces a single Aqualogix drag bell and features movements that target both the anterior and posterior muscle groups. Jenni Lynn explains how you reposition the drag bell to target both the muscle groups in the front and in the back of the upper body.


Segment 5: Wall & Noodle:


Jenni Lynn demonstrates some of her favorite silver moves using a noodle and the pool wall.


Segment 6: Single Hand Buoy:


This segment features a single hand buoy and exercise designed to showcase buoyant resistance and balance training.


Segment 7: Cool Down:


Every workout deserves a good stretch.

Silver Strength

  • Length: 48:07

    Number of Exercises: 100+

    Levels: Appropriate for all levels

    Equipment Used: Aqualogix Bells, Hand Buoy, Noodle


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