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COSTS & EXPENSES: There is a single flat charge to the facility to host a private S’WET™ instructor training based on the total number of registered participants. For 1-10 participants, the total cost is $3000 USD. For each additional participant over 10, the cost increases by $250. All other fees, including travel and accommodation expenses for the Master Trainer, will be covered by Jenni Lynn Fitness. 

REGISTRATIONS: The flat hosting fee will be paid directly by the host facility to Jenni Lynn Fitness. All registrations and payments collected from your participants will be the host facility’s responsibility. There is no minimum requirement for the number of participants in private events.


PREREQUISITES OF PARTICIPANTS: Host facility is responsible to ensure all participants of a private instructor training meet prerequisites required of all S’WET™ instructors. Jenni Lynn Fitness reserves the right to refuse admission to any participant who does not meet the prerequisites established.


COMPLIMENTARY PASSES: Hosts of our public instructor training event will automatically receive one (1) complimentary pass to attend the training, and an additional complimentary pass for every 10 registered participants. A maximum of four (4) complimentary passes will be made available when thirty (30) participants are registered.


EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Due to the high-intensity and strength-building nature of the S’WET™ program, some standard pool equipment is required to host a private instructor training. Facility must provide each participant with either hand buoys or noodles and access to the pool wall. If your facility does not have access to any or enough equipment, please let us know ASAP so we can assist and/or discuss alternative options.

LICENSE & LOGO: There is no fee for a facility to use the S’WET™ name or logo as part of marketing materials or advertising. Upon successful completion of the instructor training, certified S’WET™ instructors will obtain a one-year license to use the S’WET™ name, brand and logo. A host facility may offer a S’WET™ class as part of their programming, as long as the instructor of the class has been trained and remains actively certified by Jenni Lynn Fitness. Instructors will have an opportunity to renew their license annually.

THE S’WET™ SQUAD: Upon completion of the training program, licenced instructors will have an option to join the S’WET™ SQUAD - a monthly subscription network to receive continuing education, access to exclusive online content and networking opportunities. All fees associated with this optional service will be the responsibility of the participant, not the host facility.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Once a private instructor training is booked, you may cancel at any point up to three (3) weeks before the scheduled date. Should you need to cancel after that period, for any reason, you may be subject to a $500 cancellation fee for voided airfare and accommodations, if already booked. We will first do our best to work with the host facility to reschedule, if at all possible. 


POOL REQUIREMENTS: In order to host a private instructor training, we will need the following conditions met: Access to a shallow water pool (min 3.5”, max 5”) with water temperature set between 81-86 degrees. We will also need a minimum of 10 square feet per participant and access to the pool wall. Host facility must also provide a pool microphone & system as well as an ipod/mp3 compatible stereo/speaker, preferably with bluetooth capabilities. Master Trainers will need a stool and floor mat to perform properly on deck. If you have any questions about these requirements or need recommendations, please let us know.


LECTURE ROOM: A private lecture or classroom space large enough to safely seat thirty (30) maximum attendees will also be required. (See COVID COMPLIANCE section below for additional details.) Master Trainers will need the use of a table at the front of the room with access to an LCD projector & screen (or equivalent presentation/television monitor with HMDI capabilities) and an electricity source.


STAFF ASSISTANCE: Host facility must provide Jenni Lynn Fitness with a reliable, on-site point of contact prior to, during and after the event for both administrative and physical assistance, including but not limited to help with planning the event, directing or guiding participants on site and/or distributing equipment at the pool and lecture as needed.


ADVERTISING: Jenni Lynn Fitness will provide the host facility with marketing materials for use in person, print, electronic and social media advertising. Hosts of a private instructor training are responsible for all advertising and promoting of their private event. Jenni Lynn Fitness will not promote private events unless specifically discussed and agreed to prior to the program.

RECORDING OF EVENT: Jenni Lynn Fitness reserves the right to photograph and/or record any or all of the private instructor training, and will own the rights to use said materials for internal use or future promotional purposes UNLESS all hosts of private instructor trainings inform Jenni Lynn Fitness recording is not permissible.


LIABILITY WAIVER: In consideration for hosting a private instructor training, you hereby waive, release and forever discharge Jenni Lynn Fitness and its principals, officers, directors, agents, insurers and employees from liability from any and all claims, actions and causes of action, including resulting from your or your facility's negligence, that may at any time result from your participation in hosting a training, including any such that relate to costs, expenses or damages to personal property or for personal injury or illness, including death. Additionally, as host of the private instructor training, you hereby waive Jenni Lynn Fitness, its principals, officers, agents or employees from any liability claims, actions or causes of action related to COVID-19 illnesses and infections.


COVID COMPLIANCE: Host facilities of a private instructor training must provide Jenni Lynn Fitness with up to date local and state COVID compliance regulations, including but not limited to social distancing and mask mandates. Host facility’s pool and lecture spaces must also be compliant with your state and local rules, including full sanitation before, during and after the instructor training of shared spaces and equipment. Jenni Lynn Fitness reserves the right to cancel or postpone a private instructor training at any time should the facility become non-compliant with current COVID regulations. 

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