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Aquatic Boot Camps

With over 24 classes offered at six different facilities all over Manhattan, Jenni Lynn's Aqua Boot Camps are a great place to dive in and test the waters. Aimed at beginners and intermediate students looking for fun, fat burning water exercise with little to no impact on the joints, these 45-minute/1-hour long classes will get you S'WETTING in no time!


These classes can accommodate those with injuries or in physical rehabilitation, people suffering from arthritis or joint pain as well as expecting mothers. Please consult with your instructor before class begins.


Find your next class at one of these participating gyms, FREE for all members:

nysc elite.png
Don't See Your Gym Listed?


Tell them you want Jenni Lynn Fitness! We can accommodate most pool sizes and will work with your gym to make the best use of whatever pool space is available. Email Us and we'll reach out today!



Take your high intensity boot camp class to another dimension — ON water — with SURF & S’WET®. This class will challenge your entire core using low impact cardio, strength and balance training on floating mats.


This 45 min workout incorporates AquaBase by AquaPhycial - state of the art aquatic fitness equipment guaranteed to make you S’WET®!



BOOK YOUR BOARD: Thursdays @ 7:00 PM - NYSC ELITE (49th St.)

Focus on balance and cardiovascular stamina as well as gait alignment & power development. Interval and plyometric training paired with isometric exercises focus on both upper and lower body muscles giving you a full body water workout!

Note: Participants will be doing aquatic fitness exercises both in the water as well as on top of the floating boards.

Our Complete Class Schedule:


  Morning Classes    Evening Classes    S’WET® Classes  


Aqua Boot Camps Listed By Facility
(S'WET by Jenni Lynn Fitness®)
Mon - 7:00 PM - 49th St. btw 8th/9th (Jenni)
Thu - 7:00 PM - 49th St. btw 8th/9th (Jenni)*
Fri - 6:30 PM - 49th St. btw 8th/9th (Chris)
Sat - 10:00 AM - 49th St. btw 8th/9th (Jenni)
* SURF & S'WET® - Floating Mat Class
New York HRC
Mon - 10:30 AM - 45th St. & Lexington Ave (Chris)
Tue - 6:45 PM - 45th St. & Lexington (Jenni)
Wed - 1:00 PM - 45th St. & Lexington (Chris)
Thu - 6:00 PM - 45th St. & Lexington (Chris)
Fri - 10:00 AM - 45th St. & Lexington (Jenni)
Sat - 12:30 PM - 45th St. & Lexington (Jenni)
Equinox Fitness Clubs
Tue - 10:00 AM - Columbus Circle (Chris)
Tue - 6:30 PM - Columbus & 68th St. (Chris)
JCC of Manhattan
Tue - 8:00 AM - 76th St. & Amsterdam (Chris)
Tue - 9:30 AM - 76th St. & Amsterdam (Jenni)
Tue - 10:30 AM - 76th St. & Amsterdam (Jenni)
Thu - 8:00 AM - 76th St. & Amsterdam (Chris)
Thu - 9:30 AM - 76th St. & Amsterdam (Jenni)
Thu - 10:30 AM - 76th St. & Amsterdam (Jenni)
Asphalt Green
Mon - 7:00 PM - Battery Park City (Chris)
Wed - 8:00 AM - Battery Park City (Chris)
Lifetime Fitness
COMING SOON - Spring 2020!
Yale Club
Sat - 9:30 AM - Vanderbilt Ave. (Chris)

Host Your Own Aquatic Workshop

Bring Jenni Lynn Fitness To You!

Want to experience the ultimate in water workshops? Tell your gym or aquatic director that Jenni Lynn will come to you! We can work with most small to large sized pools - shallow and deep water - to build personalized workshops for gyms and private events.

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